Tuesday, February 23, 2016

From Scandaleyes To Magnifeyes - A Rimmel Upgrade!

It’s a long one so for you hasty people: Rimmel brought out a new range of improved eyeshadow sticks. The old Scandaleyes had to make room for the Magnifeyes. The colors are pretty much the exact same. The formula and packaging however finally got the makeover they long craved for. (How have I not seen this one pop up anywhere else??!)

Rimmel Magnifeyes - Queens of the Bronzed Age
Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Eyeshadow stick (Bad Girl Bronze) has been a permanent resident of my everyday makeup stash for quite a while and I am sorry to say that it seems to have died in battle. The other day ,I was in a hurry again to get ready and get my bum out the door. In my hastiness, I managed to smash the stick so hard into its fiddly already broken cap that the entire content shoot out and permanently planted itself on the inside of the cap, never to be seen again.

I didn’t mourn to long though. After a very sucky day (my laptop as well as my external hard drive broke on me, an arrogant man yelled at me for absolutely no reason and, I have to be honest, there was quite a bit of PMS going on) I decided it was time for a little browse through the beauty stands of my local drugstore. And man, this made my day!

Swatches Rimmel Magnifeyes - Queens of the Bronzed Age

The stands were completely redone. There were about three new brands of makeup, like Essie and Sally Hansen. We never used to be able to get our hands on those! They also expanded the stands we already had. We now have access to almost all the ranges and to more than three colors of each range. 

Anyway, back to the eyeshadow. I went over to the Rimmel stand and wasn’t able to find the eyeshadow sticks. What I did find, was a new improved version of them. They are now a double ended cream eyeshadows and eyeliner pens.

I haven’t checked them all, but the eyeshadow sides seem to be the same colors as the original line’s. The names are also similar. Bad Girl Bronze’s counterpart is called Queens of the Bronzed Age. The colors are pretty much identical, which I couldn’t be happier about.

Rimmel Scandaleyse - Bad Girl Bronze

The formula however has improved tremendously! The consistency is super smooth and buttery which makes is a lot easier to blend. My old one looked often patchy and took a long time to blend. This could of course be because of the broken lid. But even when I sharpened it, it was sometimes hard to work with.

The packaging has improved as well. You had to sharpen the old sticks. But they were so thick you had to buy a sharpener especially made for it. And even then you’d have splinters sticking in your eyelid from time to time. Not fun. You now can easily twist up the eyeshadow stick as well as the eyeliner pen. The lid is also a little sturdier and has a click system going on. The old one you had to shove on.  Then the plastic tend to break and the eyeshadow dried out.

I’m so happy with the changes Rimmel made to this product. It’s not easy to improve a product that is so well loved. But now I have the new version, I kind of detest the old one… Who would have thought? A little flaw though: the Kohl Kajal side is very glittery. Some people might like that, but I’m not one of them. It almost seems to be an excuse to up the price.

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