Saturday, June 18, 2016

'She is wearing a hat!' | The Charlie Bowler

A hat. What do you think? Is it supercilious or is it just another way to make your outfit more interesting? I often feel like you can’t just wear a hat because you feel like wearing a hat. A hat is loud. It screams ‘I am wearing a hat!’ It all seems very obvious and in your face. Not very Jana to be honest. But, I bought this hat for a reason and it’s not going to fulfill its life purpose by collecting dust in my wardrobe. So, throw me a cane and get out of my way, because I’m Charlie Chaplining throughout my day!

I paired this classic black bowler with a grey ladybug-like cropped sweater on top of a white button down cotton blouse. For pants, I wore my classic Mile High Levi’s in black. On my feet, I wore white flat form brogues. And to finish off the look, I wore my Mango sunglasses and a bright pink lip to add some color.

I love the classic English feel of this look. Especially when I pair these pieces with Chelsea boots, I can just see myself roaming the streets of London, making my way down Oxford St.


Bowler Hat - C&A

Glasses - MANGO

Blouse - ZARA

Watch - Local Market

Lipstick - SLEEK 
(Matte Me - Turquoise)

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