Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Great Puzzle #2

Today didn’t start of too well. But, after the two hours I wasted self-pitying in bed, it turned out to be a productive day. I studied the material I had to study, picked up my new sunglasses (see sassy selfie), baked some cookies (see delicious photos) and played in the garden with my beautiful goddaughter (see adorable photo).

There isn’t a lot the tell really. I tried to keep myself busy all day so I wouldn’t fret over the negative things. I tend to dwell on the most bizarre stupid little things and it often ruins my day. And I don’t want that to happen anymore. So, productiveness is the answer!

I will leave some pictures of the day below. I hope you had an amazing day and if that’s not the case, eat a cookie and tomorrow will be better!

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