Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Great Puzzle #1

I’m sitting on the big couch in front of the TV, which I rarely watch since I’m most of the time glued to my laptop. Because, you know, my safe personal bubble. I had a pretty good day. Well, after I ran from the mice in my studio at university. I do not even want to talk about those nasty creatures right now so let’s focus on to the good part of the day. It is a Friday and it also happens to be my sister’s birthday. So we (my mom and I) decided to all have dinner together in the garden under the blossoms of the cherry tree. We used to do this a lot more, but since my sister has moved out with her boyfriend and their daughter and I am at university during the week, we see a lot less of each other. There would be four of us, three “adults” and a baby. My mom had cooked the chicken and cut the fries, and I cleaned and cut the vegetables. And then, my cousin showed up. And then, my other cousin and grandmother showed up. And then, another friend showed up with his puppy. At this point we were already cutting extra vegetables and fries and stuff. We ended up feeding six “adults”, a baby and a puppy. I love it when these spontaneous dinner parties happen. There is no stupid planning or discussion about who to invite or anything like that. No bullshit, just love, food and family. And even though I have been feeling awful these past days/weeks/months (I will get to that), I have to admit this was a pretty good day.

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