Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Smudged Lips | MakeupTrend

The many liquid lipsticks that appear on the makeup market may be smudge proof, but that is not where it's at this summer. Lipstick will look lived in or will be barely detectable. Lines blurred, lips patchy, let's have a look at this summer's makeup trend: smudged lips.


Apply your lipstick like you would normally, but don't use a lipliner. Then smudge out the edges using your fingers or a clean eyeshadow blending brush. I, personally, wrapped a tissue around my finger and smudged it out. This way, you don't end up with lipstick all over your hands.

Twist: Use a bright lipstick to create a base. Afterwards, use a darker lipstick to add some accents/patchiness.


Divine Wine - Maybelline
Siren in Scarlet - Maybelline

Inspiration: Into the Gloss

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