Friday, May 22, 2015

My Bucket List

There is a lot I want to do with my life. Some things are small, some things are big. Here they are:

Write a book
Writing a book, I think, must be the most difficult and satisfying thing I could ever do. Creating something out of nothing by knitting ideas together and making them fit into a coherent story. To, then, crawl into someone’s head as they are reading your book and taking them on an adventure through the words you have written. And while being on that adventure, introducing them to your imaginary friends and enemies in the hope that they might become just a little bit more real.  There is nothing I would rather do.

I would like to see as much of the world as I possibly could. I want to understand different cultures. I want to visit the past by visiting the remains of it. I want to drift away while looking at breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. I want to let my imagination take me away, but never lose sight of what is right in front of me.

Meet one of my heroes
I would like to have coffee or cake or both with someone whom I look up to. Someone brilliant. Just so we could talk for a while. I would like to see where their minds go when they are not being asked questions.

Go to Disneyland
I need to go there.

Work in a bookshop and a library
These places and the people who work there make me happy. And I would love to be a part of that for a little while.

Work as a volunteer in a third world country
I want to see what life there is like, I want to understand it and I want to help.

Have a home library
I will have a pinterest worthy home library. There will be books, shelves, a coffee/tea/hot chocolate stand, socks, sofas, candles,… and quotes written all over the walls and the ceilings in glow in the dark paint.

Backpack through at least 2 countries
Pack a bag, a tent and a friend and go.

Graduate from an institution of higher education
Working on it…

Adopt a dog from a shelter
I love dogs and to be able to save one by giving them a new home would be amazing.

Have an article published in a paper
This would mean that I actually wrote something someone would want to read.

Make an entire outfit from scratch
My grandma and my mother used to make their own clothes. And they made some really beautiful stuff. So, I would like to learn how to do that too.

That is it for now! This list will probably keep on growing. And hopefully, I will also be able to tick some off.

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