Saturday, August 27, 2016

College 101 | Back to School

August is coming to an end and we all know what that means. A new school year is right around the corner. Don't cry, panic or start eating teachers just yet. It's all going to be juuuuust fine with these back to school organisational tips!

1. Buy a (pretty) planner and use it!

All organisation begins with a good planner. Preferably a pretty one. Mine is gold and sparkly. It's great. Now print out your schedule and stick it to the inside cover of your planner as soon as possible. This way you always know where to be at what time. You can also download a study app to your phone and fill out the planner that comes with it. (I use My Study Life.)

2. Determine how you are going to take notes and prepare accordingly

When determining how you are going to take notes, it's important to know how you prefer to study the notes you are going to make for an exam. If you like learning from typed out texts, it's probably better to take your laptop to class. Do you prefer learning from hand written notes? Take a notepad and pen with you to your lectures. This way you'll save a lot of time when it comes to the end of the term and you need to start studying.

3. Check your email

Check and dubble check whether your school email is all set up and ready to go. Also make sure wether any of your not so nice teachers have already given you any assignments. These might be as simple as printing out hand-outs. Do it. A good first impression goes a long way. 

4. Suck up to your teachers

Aah the teacher's pet and the stigma that comes with it. Embrace it. Take a bath in it. Marry it until diploma do you part. Teachers have a ridiculous amount of power in higher education. They are pretty much the only ones deciding wether you pass or fail your courses, so be on their good side. As soon as the school day is over, you can go back to ranting about their dragging voices and spit fountains.

5. Find a mentor

Find someone from a higher year who has gone through everything you are about to go through. He or she can give you summaries, tell you how to study and what to expect from certain exams. They probably also know where to get the best take-out food and where they do the best happy hours.

6. Have fun

Don't forget to have fun. College is a lot of work and a lot of stress. But it is super important to take a break from time to time. Find out where to go on nights out, explore the city you are in and make friends! It's easier than you think.

Have fun in college! I hope you have an amazing year ahead of you! :)

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