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I am Jana, the writer of this blog. I am a 21-year old student journalism. I cover beauty, lifestyle and other life-related things with a dash of feminism. All of this I do from a little rainy country called Belgium.

Since I'm still in school, I'm living on a student budget. If I can't afford a certain makeup product, I'll find a dupe for it. If I can't afford a certain fashion piece, I'll peruse the high street until I find an alternative or just get me some scissors and some fabric and get to it!

Initially, this blog, as the title suggests, was a place for me to come and be frivolous. I don’t know if you watch Gilmore Girls, but at a certain point Emily explodes and yells “Just let me be frivolous already!”. This was exactly what I was feeling at the time I started this blog. I was in my second year of university and I started to slowly realize my life was not heading the way I wanted it to. I needed a place to get away from university and the expectations. 

So, I created a blog. I called it Frivolous Affairs after a line in Gilmore Girls where Emily explodes and yells “Just let me be frivolous already!”. I needed a place to talk about lipstick and cake and books and…let’s be honest let my inner basic bitch shine through. But don’t get me wrong, this little corner of the internet I get to call mine really means a lot to me and I do take it seriously.

On this blog you are likely to find: Beauty and fashion reviews and tips, discussions, hauls, tutorials, the occasional video and a whole lot of tittle tattle. 


For business and sponsorship enquiries, please contact enquiries@frivolousaffairs.com 

If you have any questions, you can either ask me in the comment sections below every blogpost, or you can reach out to me over here:

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