Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wandering around Brussels

I had a little wander around Brussels yesterday. Well, let’s be honest I did actually get lost a few times. But then again, that makes you stop and look around. So I wasn’t too annoyed by that. Eventually, I managed to see the people I wanted to see and visited the places I wanted to visit. So it’s all good. 

Originally I made my way to Brussels for school and work. I got everything taken care off as quickly as possible. Luckily as the sun began to set, it left me an hour or two in the comforting spring sun. This is when I made my way to the Beurs (Stock Market).

Ever since the terrorist attacks it’s become a place of mourning and love. Luckily, the latter predominates. As I was sat on the steps of the in crayon clattered building, I couldn’t stop thinking of how beautiful this actually was. So many people and cultures came together to celebrate love, compassion and solidarity. It was refreshing to see not one comment was hateful or judging. 

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