Sunday, December 6, 2015

VLOGMAS DAY 6 / Sinterklaas!

Today, my family and I celebrated Sinterklaas. My god daughter, who is about twenty months old, could for the first time kind of undrstand who Sinterklaas was. It was wonderful seeing her getting excited over the presents she got. At our home Sinterklaas brought her a Frozen DVD, sweets and cookies, a bed for her dolls, a brand new doll and a few puzzles. Not too bad huh!
Oh, how I wish to be that young again..
(P.S.: Sinterklaas is the Dutch/Belgian/(idk..) equivalent of Father Christmas and Santaclaus. It's tradition for him to bring presents to all the children on his birthday, which is the 6th of December.)

Merry Vlogmas!
En een fijne Sinterklaas!

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